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Most oil and gas wells flow through EUE 8 Round tubing for good reason. It is durable, in-expensive, readily available and easy to repair. EUE 8 Round tubing can be run to Considerable depths with a high margin of safety.

The EUE 8 Round connection has two significant limitations, it is not reliable for holding higher pressures and its design prevents proper connection make-up every time. These limitations have led to the development of the TKC EUE 8RD connection.

The TKC solution – By using the TKC EUE 8RD connection, you get the benefits of a Metal to Metal shoulder plus four resilient seals (2-Nose & 2-End) while reducing or eliminating the limitations. Now you can run EUE 8RD tubing where you may have thought it infeasible before.

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