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Recent Designs of non-upset connections have been too delicate for most well applications. Because of this, many people have felt that premium upset connections were the only solution in high-pressure wells. Now there is an alternative: The TKC 4040-NU Premium Connection. The TKC 4040-NU Premium connection retains maximum metal to metal shoulder for over-torque protection – while reducing the cost and problems associated with premium non-upset connections. Here’s how.

Many types of  premium connections require upsetting or swaging, which is not only expensive, but can be done only in machine shop locations.  The TKC 4040-NU Connection can be cut at the mill, licensed threaders or pipe reclamation centers near the point of use. This can mean significant savings when pipe must be shipped long distances for upsetting or swaging, and additional inventory must be kept on hand to compensate.

Many types of  Premium connections must be retired from service when there is insufficient upset remaining for re-threading or where metallurgical conditions prevent re-upsetting. Because no upset is required for the TKC 4040-NU Connection, the threads can be re-cut as long as there is remaining serviceable tube body.

If you have serviceable tubing in inventory which cannot be rethreaded due to insufficient upsets, the TKC 4040-NU Connection is an economical alternative. Or when you’re ordering new tubing, consider the TKC 4040-NU Premium Connection.  Compared to most other premium connections, the TKC 4040-NU Premium Connection is very economical.

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